Honda Continues to Develop ASIMO Robot

Honda not only builds the award winning Honda Accord, but a very famous robot named ASIMO.

This 2000 model is not available at Gurley Leep Honda in Elkhart, but did show off new skills at Honda's Robotic research facility in Tokyo last week. It runs faster, and can play soccer.

Honda President Takanobu Ito believes robots like ASIMO are important. Development of technologies used in robotics will some day be incorporated in vehicle transportation. This robot can also help in the event of a natural disaster, like the tsunami that hit Japan.

"The mechanical arm can open and close valves at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which went into meltdown after the March tsunami, according to Honda. The automaker is working with the utility behind the problem plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co., to try to meet demands to bring the plant under control," according to one report. Ito added, "the first idea was to send in Asimo to help out, but that was not possible because the robot cannot maneuver in rubble, and its delicate computer parts would malfunction in radiation."1

ASIMO can jog faster than it did in 2005, up to 5.6 mph, much faster than its original 3.7 mph run. Oh and ASIMO can speak, saying sentences like: 'Hello, my name is Asimo.'




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