Honda Diesel Cars To Arrive In India

Honda vehicles represent 20% of the Indian automotive market. With a new variant coming to the country, that percentage may soon grow.

Diesel is still regaining popularity throughout North America. In countries like England, France and German, diesel is one of the most popular fuel types.

As for India, gasoline prices are skyrocketing due to their massive population. To combat a possible fuel crisis, exporters of cars to India, like Honda, are creating alternative engines for smaller vehicles. A Honda Fit with diesel engines will be available throughout that country, and maybe some day at Gurley Leep Honda.

Two of India's best selling Honda cars include Brio (an India exclusive) and Jazz (European Fit). Fit / Jazz is one of the best selling Honda vehicles around the world available in base, sporty and hybrid variants (except in the US).

However, Honda Siel Cars India senior vice-president Jnaneswar Sen said, "The Research and Development team in Japan is developing diesel engines. It is premature to say that the products will be rolled out on diesel (platform)."1




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