New Honda EV On The Horizon

Honda currently features a total of five hybrid and alternative-fuel-powered vehicles in its lineup. Starting next year, it'll likely add more.

Honda gave the world its first official look at an all-new EV Concept and Plug-In Hybrid Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, earlier this month. Both remain unnamed at this time. However, many have taken to calling the EV Concept the 'Honda Fit EV Concept' for the fact it looks like the Fit and uses an identical five-seat layout.

"Honda has brought the Honda EV Concept battery electric vehicle and platform for a midsize plug-in hybrid vehicle to the Frankfurt Motor Show," said the automaker. "The concepts are displayed as part of Honda's 'Road to Zero Emissions', showing the current technology of hybrids alongside near-future technology of plug-in vehicles and the ultimate goal of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, like the FCX Clarity."1

As gas prices continue to stay high in the greater Elkhart area, as they do elsewhere in the country, Gurley Leep Honda thought you might like to learn a little bit more about these imminent Honda vehicles designed to partially and completely eliminate trips to the pump.

Honda EV Concept At a Glance

-    Powered by a lithium-ion battery and coaxial electric motor
-    100-Mile driving range
-    Top speed of 90 miles per hour (mph)
-    Three electric drive modes (based on the CR-Z Hybrid)
-    Charge time: 12 hours using a 120V outlet, under 6 hours using a 240V outlet

Honda Plug-In Concept At a Glance

-    Features Honda's next-gen, two-motor hybrid technology set to officially launch in 2012

Be sure to stay tuned to learn even more. Gurley Leep Honda promises to let you know the moment more details become available (i.e., vital stats, when production starts, arrival dates, etc.). In the mean time, we invite you to explore our expansive new Honda lineup, online. Or, swing by and visit us in person. Conveniently located at 2200 Bypass Rd in Elkhart, we're happy to share specs, compare models and arrange test drives.


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