Honda and Zipcar Team Up

While we wish everybody who wanted one could drive a brand new Honda, but for some it just doesn't make sense. And for those people there's Zipcar. Starting early next year Honda will become a preferred manufacturer for the premier car sharing company. If you didn't already now Zipcar provides reliable, fuel efficient and inexpensive sort term transportation in major metro areas. Zipcar sees the situation as a win-win, being able to provide its members reliable, fuel efficient vehicles, while Honda gets to expose new Honda models to the masses.

"The future of mobility is being shaped by economic forces, evolving technology and global trends, from increased urbanization to concerns about climate change to how the newest generation of drivers thinks about transportation," explains Scott Griffith, chairman and CEO of Zipcar. "This win-win partnership with Honda adds to Zipcar's array of smart and sustainable transportation options and by introducing Zipsters to Honda's newest hybrid and electric vehicles we can help increase overall awareness of these exciting new technologies."1

What models are bound to be most heavily featured post 2013? Zipcar, in an effort to provide its members with green and fuel efficient technologies will certainly include hybrid vehicles in their fleet. Take the Honda Insight hybrid, Honda CR-V compact crossover, Honda Fit EV, and the Honda Accord Plug-In for example. Each car serving a different demographic but all proudly displaying the Honda name.

Gurley Leep Honda, is beyond excited about this partnership and cant wait to see the positive effect that this new deal will have for both Honda and Zipcars, and we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on the initiative as they become available.


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