Two Concepts Unveiled in Beijing

The Beijing Auto Show always brings excitement and this year is no exception.  Two new concept vehicles were revealed by Honda this year - and at a show which is often used to showcase vehicles for emerging markets, Honda took a different approach and displayed two models that are destined for very different segments.

First there's the Honda Concept C - an upscale, edgy and undeniably rich sports sedan, that had it not been for the unmistakable Honda logo on its hood could easily be mistake of an Aston Martin (not a bad thing if you ask us!). Unfortunately for us here in the United States, Honda has said this concept will stay in the Chinese market.

The other concept that Honda unveiled at the event is the Concept S. Dramatically different than the C this car is a 5-door hybrid hatchback that was designed with the intent of holding more passengers and cargo. We viewed this vehicle as a larger version of the current Honda Insight, and unlike its show partner, the S concept is slated for a global release, which could include joining the new Honda lineup at Gurley Leep Honda, in Elkhart.

While specifics on either vehicle were not revealed - such as performance or efficiency numbers, they were able to tell us we can expect these cars within the next 3 years. 

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