Honda Sells Over 800,000 Hybrids In the Past 12 Years

Did you know Honda currently offers 7 different hybrid vehicles in 50 markets around the globe? It's okay if you didn't, in fact most people don't.Honda has never been one to toot their own horn, but instead do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing - and not for the laudability of the act.

Another often surprising fact is that Honda has been in the hybrid market for over a decade, 12 years to be exact. The first hybrid the Japanese automaker introduced, the Honda Insight, continues to woo drivers looking for a fun drive and high-ROI fuel economy.

To balance out their admirable humility, we're here to give the automaker some much deserved praise: Honda has just sold their 800,000th hybrid vehicle! Divided over the course of 12 years and two months (to be exact), that averages out to be roughly 66,600 Honda hybrid sales per year.

While Honda may not be exercising the bragging rights the have clearly earned, drivers are certainly taking notice. 

In response, Honda will soon grow their hybrid lineup, adding a Plug-In Hybrid variant of the Accord to the mix, as well as the first luxury hybrid in the Acura assortment.

Gurley Leep Honda anticipates the adoption rate of Honda hybrids to grow more even rapidly in the next 12 years. And, you can expect a greater assortment of pure EV technology from Honda, starting with the Honda Fit EV slated to launch in America a little later this year.

What Honda hybrids are currently available through Gurley Leep Honda? Three: the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2012 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid and, of course, the flagship to the Honda hybrid lineup - the Honda Insight.

To learn more about any of these sporty, super-efficient Honda models, simply contact us today. Or, stop by 2200 Bypass Rd during our regular business hours. We're always happy to share specs, compare models and arrange test drives.


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