Honda Plans to Take Flight in 2013

Honda is known for their two and four wheeled vehicles we see on roads around the world, and being the third-largest auto manufacturer in the world and the largest motorcycle manufacturer, that doesn't come as much of a surprise. Leave it to Honda to leave the ground and break out into a whole new market, the small business jet market that is. That's right; Honda is planning to take off in the most literal sense possible.

At what stage in their small jet endeavor is Honda currently at? Close to getting their multi-million-dollar jet officially certified. Once that critical piece falls into place, Honda then plans to ramp up production to 80 HondaJets annually, beginning Q1-Q2 2013.

You might ask if there really is such a demand for small jets? Well, there are other small business jet carriers out there. But, when you can offer a jet that is quieter, delivers 20-percent better fuel economy and approximately two-thirds improvement in overall operational costs, you have leverage to dominate the market. And, small business jets don't represent as small of a niche as many think. Case in point: When Honda initially started taking orders for the winged commuter approximately six years ago, they took 100 orders in three days!

Drawing a parallel between the HondaJet and best-selling Civic, Honda executive, Michimasa Fujiino says, "We're doing with the HondaJet what the Civic did to American cars from the 1960s. Our competitors are still producing technology from the 1990s."1 Honda Aircraft expects to turn a profit come 2018.

While we won't be offering the HondaJet here at Gurley Leep Honda, we are committed to making sure you are filled in on all news Honda. Be sure to stay tuned, we are here to keep you informed. 

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