Honda Working on New Compact SUV

Honda currently offers a total of 3 SUV or CUVs - the Pilot, CR-Z and Crosstour. Despite the success of these vehicles, Honda still sees an opening for another SUV in the market. Honda has openly shared a desire to compete on more equal ground with the likes of the Quashqai, across the pond. Effectively, the Japanese automaker has started working on an all-new SUV, which according to recent reports is significantly smaller than the best-selling CR-V.

The thing Gurley Leep Honda finds most interesting about this isn't the fact that Honda is growing their SUV lineup with a new, more compact option. Rather, it's the platform on which it plans to base the smaller SUV - the same features in the best-selling Honda Civic.

At this time, the forthcoming SUV remains nameless; and as much as we would like to say otherwise, it's not very likely to hit American shores - at least not anytime soon. Ultimately, Honda hopes the new compact SUV to help spur sales in Europe.

Interested in more Honda news? Stay tuned. Gurley Leep Honda, serving Elkhart, is dedicated to keeping you informed. And remember, while the aforementioned compact SUV might not be destined to hit the Gurley Leep Honda showroom at 2200 Bypass Rd, we do have four distinct alternatives. To explore the 2012 Honda Pilot, 2012 Honda CR-Z, 2012 Honda CR-V or 2012 Honda Crosstour in person, stop by during our regular business hours. If you're tight on time and would like to schedule a test drive in advance, please click here.


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