Honda Gets Customer Focused Engineering in New 2013 Accord Commercials

Do you know how have you helped shape the Honda Accord over the years?

Maybe you are thinking this is a silly questions, because you have not talked to any big heads at Honda, and maybe you have never even driven a Honda before. But the reality of it is, that Honda considers the driving habits of everyone in developing its models. And this is exactly why Honda has created a new series of ads that recently began airing.

Officially named the "It Starts With You" campaign, the new series of ads focus on how real input from driver has helped to shape the new Honda lineup over the years by focusing on the new features found in the 2013 Honda Accord.

If you have yet to see them, the ads start with a 90-second spot titled "We Know You." Then the campaign goes off into a series of 15-second spots that focus on specific features, such as Honda LaneWatch, Fordward Collision Warning, and the standard rearview backup camera.

Also, another aspect of the "It Starts With You" campaign branches out into web and print advertising as well. A series of ads will appear in "Forbes," "People," and "Wired," as well as special issues of "Sports Illustrated" and "TIME." The print ads feature simply portraits of people that outline the benefit of the same features shown in the television ads.

We feel that this campaign will have a big deal to do with how our Honda cars are developed in the future. To keep up with this campaign and everything Honda, make sure to follow our blog.


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