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Great News: The Honda CR-Z Redesign Ahead of Schedule

Honda was applauded and stayed true to their word by giving all attendees of the 2012 Paris Motor Show a look at the redesigned CR-Z sports hybrid coupe, the Japanese automaker actually gave the first look to a small group at the Indonesia International Motor Show one week earlier than planned.

Why did Honda do this? We truly aren't quite sure, but no one has complained yet, so the automaker did something right. But…

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Honda Gets Customer Focused Engineering in New 2013 Accord Commercials

Do you know how have you helped shape the Honda Accord over the years?

Maybe you are thinking this is a silly questions, because you have not talked to any big heads at Honda, and maybe you have never even driven a Honda before. But the reality of it is, that Honda considers the driving habits of everyone in developing its models. And this is exactly why Honda has created a new series of ads…

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Honda Fit Based Crossover Coming Soon?

We here at Gurley Leep Honda are already excited enough about the recent arrival of the 2013 Honda Fit, and even more so for the limited release of the 2013 Fit EV. In fact, the arrival of both highly-anticipated models was almost enough to make us forget that a redesigned version is due out by 2014 or 2015...

...almost. The Honda Fit has quite a bit going for it, which is why we simply can…

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Honda Has Best June Sales in Four Years

At this time last year, Honda was working to recover from a terrible disaster that struck Japan and affected many of its parts suppliers. The Big H experienced production setbacks, which, unfortunately, translated into lost sales. Today, we here at Gurley Leep Honda are proud to report that sales of new Honda models are stronger than ever. What's more, we can prove it.

More to the point, Honda recently released its best June sales…

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New Spy Shots of the 2013 Honda Accord

If the first shots of the new 2013 Honda Accord had you a bit puzzled, fear not, as you were not the only one.It seemed as though Honda had already mande the big reveal of the nex-gen Accord through the coup concept they revealed at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. However, we were willing to bet that when we saw the Accord production prototype was covered in camouflage, there must be more…

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Honda CR-Z Mugen Enters Pre-Production

If you're at all familiar with Mugen, then you know what their double-R moniker entails... For that matter, you also know why so many automotive enthusiasts around the world were so excited to see the Honda CR-Z Mugen RR debut at least year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, then disappointed to see that the model was only an aftermarket proof of concept.

Of course, if you aren't familiar with Mugen or its long…

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Honda CR-Z Defies Hybrid Conventions

The hybrid market is in a state of constant evolution, and nothing hammers home that point more than the 2012 Honda CR-Z. The sport hybrid coupe from the Honda delivers both exceptional fuel economy and performance by pairing a sixth-generation parallel hybrid system called Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) with three selectable driving modes: Sport, Normal, and Econ.

This combination allows the 2012 Honda CR-Z to achieve an impressive 31 mpg city/37 mpg highway…

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Get an Inside Look at the Honda Fit

It's likely that regardless of what plans you have to do with your next new car, they can be accomplished in the 2012 Honda Fit. Though the Honda Fit is officially classified in the sub-compact category, still provides an efficient, versatile, safe, and stylish ride. We think this is a major accomplishment given the conventions once held about this segment.

How can we be so sure of this? Well, not only have we seen…

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Two Concepts Unveiled in Beijing

The Beijing Auto Show always brings excitement and this year is no exception.  Two new concept vehicles were revealed by Honda this year - and at a show which is often used to showcase vehicles for emerging markets, Honda took a different approach and displayed two models that are destined for very different segments.

First there's the Honda Concept C - an upscale, edgy and undeniably rich sports sedan, that had it not been for the…

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